Nature Explored

by Chris Dunford








Map of Northern Tanzania Safari Parks

Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater


This Safari video was taken in the Ngorongoro crater (red 'A' on Map) in early February in the dry spell between the short and long rains. Nobody is allowed to stay in the crater for more than six hours per day, and the traffic is very heavy.

Game viewing was easy and there were a lot of animals, all habituated to vehicles. Finding the more charismatic species was easy; the guide simply headed for the groups of Landcruisers that were clustered around them, which thoroughly spoiled the atmosphere of the place.

There were large numbers of sebra, wildebeeste and gazelles as well as eland, elephants, hartebeeste, and predators including lions and spotted hyaenas. The highlight of the visit was a chance to see the highly endangered black rhinoceros.