Nature Explored

by Chris Dunford








Woodland in Winter I

A dusting of snow424 A dusting of snow

After the snow melted425 After the snow melted

Winter magic426 Winter magic

The same scene as previous after the snow427 The same scene as previous after the snow

A solitary crow428 A solitary crow

429 A sunny morning in late Winter429 A sunny morning in late Winter

Beautiful golden light430 Beautiful golden light

Hawthorn berries431 Hawthorn berries

Spotlight on ferns432 Spotlight on ferns

Morning sunlight433 Morning sunlight

Late in Winter434 Late in Winter

A little after Sunrise435 A little after Sunrise

Winter fungi436 Winter fungi

Golden Sunrise437 Golden Sunrise

Pines in Winter438 Pines in Winter

Beech Avenue in February439 Beech Avenue in February

Emerald moss on a decaying branch440 Emerald moss on a decaying branch

Storm damage441 Storm damage

Silvery branches442 Silvery branches

Beech Avenue in the snow443 Beech Avenue in the snow

444 Burnished ferns444 Burnished ferns

Early morning sidelight445 Early morning sidelight

Lovely reddish tones446 Lovely reddish tones

Leaf litter447 Leaf litter