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Map of South Africa and Mozambique Parks

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The Bloody Puzzle of Rhino Poaching


Although this video was released in April 2014, and is from an external source, it still illustrates very well the ongoing situation in South Africa regarding rhino poaching. The video concerns some disturbing scenes.

South Africa houses the majority of the African rhinos. There are around 20000 white rhinos and 3000 black rhinos in the country (These are ball park figures). Many of them live in the Kruger National Park, which is bad news as it shares a very long border with Mozambique. Rhinos are pretty well extirpated from the Limpopo National Park on the Mozambique side of the border. Sections of the fence between the two areas are being put back up to try and help stop the poachers.

Since this film was released, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the goverments of South Africa and Mozambique, which was intended to facilitate cross border anti-poaching operations.

Mozambique has started to strengthen its laws regarding wildlife crime.

However there is still a very high degree of corruption within the police force and judiciary, and as often as not the police are involved in the poaching operations, often supplying guns and ammunition, and helping with the transport of horns.