Nature Explored

by Chris Dunford








Woodland in Autumn I

Silver birches145 Silver birches

Sunlight through the trees146 Sunlight through the trees

Perfect sunny and still Autumn morning147 Perfect sunny and still Autumn morning

Blackberries148 Blackberries

Dog in The Firs149 Dog in the Firs

A damp woodland path150 A damp woodland path

Oak leaf151 Oak leaf

Overhanging branch152 Overhanging branch

Sweet chestnut153 Sweet chestnut

Sweet chestnut leaves154 Sweet chestnut leaves

Crossroads155 Crossroads

Curving grassy path156 Curving grassy path

Tall trees157 Tall trees

Lime Avenue158 Lime Avenue

Sunburst159 Sunburst

Logging operations160 Logging operations

Honeysuckle fruits161 Honeysuckle fruits

Sunshine through the trees162 Sunshine through the trees

Lime Avenue in early Autumn163 Lime Avenue in early Autumn

Muted Autumn tones164 Muted Autumn tones

Leaf litter165 Leaf litter

Autumn gold166 Autumn gold

Autumn at its best167 Autumn at its best

Autumn magic168 Autumn magic