Nature Explored

by Chris Dunford








Woodland Fungi

Sulphur tuft601 Sulphur tuft

Sheathed woodtuft602 Sheathed woodtuft

Dryad's saddle603 Dryad's saddle

Young Sulphur tuft604 Young sulphur tuft

Stinkcap605 Stinkcap

Honey fungus606 Honey fungus

Fungi607 Fungi

Clustered bonnet608 Clustered bonnet

Candlesnuff609 Candlesnuff

Oyster mushroom610 Oyster mushroom

Fungi611 Fungi

Common earthball612 Common earthball

Deceiver613 Deceiver

Fungi614 Fungi

Small fly agaric615 Small fly agaric

Yellow staghorn616 Yellow staghorn

Fly agaric617 Fly agaric

Brain fungi618 Brain fungi

An alien being from the Q dimension619 An alien being from the Q dimension

Birch polypore620 Birch polypore

Unknown fungi621 Unknown fungi

Honey fungus622 Honey fungus

Fungi623 Fungi

Honey fungus624 Honey fungus